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I've got a friend who's in the process of a K series conversion - it's looking favourite at the minute. Probably the 1.8 160 engine.

Still need to do some more research into final drive, gear linkage, hubs and drive shafts.

(And which engines will fit under a standard roundness - I'm not keen on an extended or clubby front end!)

I use the mini mostly for going to shows - usually drag racing (spectating, not racing - although I'd put it down the strip from time to time) which is a 200 mile round trip. I've taken it to Le mans for the last two years and would plan on dong that again.

Still feeling like a mini appeals a lot - I don't want to lose the handling characteristics with whatever engine I run.

The A series was 100-110bhp, but had more to give. I can't remember torque figure off the top of my head, but more than enough!

I'm not fussed on the depreciation front - I'm not planning on selling it, besides, it's rattle can grey primer
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