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Subframe: Allspeed
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So after briefly skim reading my thread it appears I havenít updated it as much as I had though with moving along with what I have done....
So with regards to the rear frame I have knocked out the old poly bushes on the hubs and replaced them with new ones and bolted them up to the frame. The diff has also been aligned as best as it can be for the moment as it may need to move again when it comes to the prop shaft fitting. Also I have had a set of custom driveshafts made for the rear as well, I havenít fitted them as of yet as Iím waiting for a tool to fit them, the rear frame is virtually complete I just need to work out brakes ideally Iíd like uprated ones over the mx5 callipers but I suppose they may have to do if anyone has got any ideas on what to use it would be greatly appreciated?

Also I have had the allspeed bottom tiebars delivered last month I believe as well.

Finally yesterday the force racing titanium top arms turned up, Iíve got to say that the weight of them is next to nothing!

Iíll let the pictures do the talking

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