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Not posted on here for a while for obvious reasons but before I left that sceptred Isle I was still struggling with the old hot start issue. I know i've thought i'd fixed this many times before and have always put it down to something that i've done seeing as wiring isn't exactly a forté of mine.
Now i've got a professional built loom in the car that has a bulkhead connector. I'd disconnected this to check for continuity and when i plugged it back together it still wouldn't start. Gave it a wiggle and fired straight up, wiggle and it stoppped. Wiggle and fired up. Getting the picture?
So i made the bulkhead hole bigger so the connector could be pushed through and it fired up every time. I'm hoping this is the cure for this lonnnnnng drawn out issue that has blighted my conversion.
Won't know for another 18 months but hey ho thought i'd post it up during one of my quiet moments in this hectic life i'm leading.

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