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Default Speedo drive fitment Rover v Honda

Further to a post on my build thread and some Googling I wonder if anyone can help ?

I've heard people say that the Honda D and B series boxes are very similar to the PG1 Rover box. After viewing a few pics and searching on Rimmer Bros I think Watsons have modified a Rover speedo cable as the one they fitted to mine seems very similar to this (Rover 216 pre 95)

According to Rimmer Bros Gearbox diagram the set up looks identical or near identical to the Honda one I posted on my thread

Rover one

Honda one

So the question is does anyone have handy a PG1 box and speedo cable like the one pictured above (not with any screw fitting on gearbox end) that they can take photos of ?

What I'd ideally like is:-

a) a clear Pic of both ends of the speedo cable
b) a pic of the speedo housing the cable connects in to on the gearbox
c) (the big ask) a pic of the speedo drive removed from the gearbox (it should be one bolt and it lifts out and it will take the pinion/drive out with it)

so I can compare it my Honda one

Pretty please, can anyone help me out ?

If we can work this out amongst us it will help the Honda guys enormously with mating their Rover speedo to a Honda gearbox

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