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After a MG ZR conversion came up on Facebook which had the K series turbo engine fitted and was a reasonable price, I decided this had enough bits on to buy it. The seller stated the engine was good and could be shown to run sweet. So I had it delivered here. Before he unloaded it I said I want to see and hear it running. He said fine. The key is in it. Turned key, nothing. Opens bonnet, no battery. Goes for jump pack. Looks at wiring, no ECU. Said to guy, "you having a laugh here pal?". It's here somewhere and starts routing through piles of bananase in the car. After about 10 mins he found it. So I plugged it in and the car eventually turned over. It fired, but wouldn't run. Just coughed and died. The guy claims it ran fine but I was not happy at all. The rest of the car was covered in dents, interior was worst I have ever seen. Odd tyres. Knackered disc brakes due to rust. So I told him to take it back. Shame really as it had most of the conversion parts I need to carry on this.

So I have taken Chary's engine down to reconditioners. It's having a full strip down to assess what is needed to make it good again.

I also have bought some braided brake hoses.

If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.
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