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It's been a while since last update so here goes to whats been happening.

A local Mini based shop had an open day to try sell off some of there used Mini stuff. I got most of the parts I needed to finish Phoenix from there for 20!

I got a 2" RC40 back box
Top dash rail with vents and ashtray
Battery clamp
Various bolts and rubber mounts
An alloy wheel for a spare as it's the same as mine.

I hated the loudness of the exhaust which Lee had fitted to my car. It only used the middle box from the Rover as a back box and was very loud. So I've cut the long pipe and welded it back so the box is now in the middle and then fitted the RC40 to the end. It has a nice chrome side exit pipe and is no louder than a normal Mini but has a nice deep note to it.

I've been trying to get this ready for the road so needed to finish the front panel. This has been a pain and still not happy about it but don't know how to improve it. Basically it was rotten so decided to cut the bottom off and just weld sheet along it to create a front apron. Then I had to make some spacer pieces to bolt it to the front subframe. It works ok but not the most attractive front apron.

Also took this which is my other Mini and my mates in background!

I'm trying to get the inside finished now. I have trial fitted the dash rails and have to mount the speedo onto a bracket from an 1980's Mini. I got some carpet from Stafford Mini show and have fitted them.

Hopefully not long now....

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