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Guess I should update this!

I've been really busy with motor racing lately as I've finally secured a drive again for the remainder of this year and next year in the v8 utes which has taken up a lot of my time of late but this weekend is a long weekend so I've done a little bit of work!

Purchased a lot of parts lately including minisport 7.9" 4 pot brakes

Spek pro gauges (as used in NASCAR with lots of cool features)

Protech coil overs

3tech cams

And a few other bits and pieces!

Today I fabricated a clutch slave mount which after coming up with several extravagant options, found a way of doing it in the most simple way while being strong! It's basically a peice of angle bolted to the gearbox casing then welded to some round bar which has been drilled and tapped to suit the rose joint with a small tab welded on which connects to whatever that box is on top of the gearbox (technical) which makes it super rigid! I then just welded some angle onto the original clutch arm and drilled a few holes for adjustment!

Looks too close to the box there but it's not..

I also sat the suspension and brakes in

And re fitted the engine, with the master cylinder reservoirs etc in to check for space

Will get the engineer to come and have a look at my work before I throw it all into the real car!

Can't wait!


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