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Originally Posted by bill2b View Post
Nice one Geoff, at least you can have a go at the following..

Stig Challenge,
Saturday 12th, 1600 hrs.
Metro GTI V6 197hp .......................OK the pool car.

All run from infield, spectators as well.

2 Laps per person, 1 sighting lap then 1 timed, times given straight away and names put up on magnetic board. (like top gear)
Winner gets a prize and the honour of being top haunch, loser gets ribbed mercilessly.
5 per go

Should be fun
The Stig challenge sounds like a good laugh. Once again Sumo and Bill are trying to make things interesting for us. Lets show our full support

Can we get some kind of an indication as to who is going to do it. The more people that give it a go the more interesting the leader board will be.

I shouldn't really put another list up as the thread will get confusing so melons it here's the list.

Stig Challenge 2014

Paul Watermouse
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