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Originally Posted by bill2b View Post
Why do I need to reply, you are the Mini drivers, I am only the clerk of the course, since when does the COC do event reports?

water pipe came off water on hot exhaust, hardly a blow up and it did not delay anyone.

This is a regular happening at these events but if you are offended I will stop it.

As usual the times were all displayed on the notice board, did you not think to take a picture of them?

Try reading the regs before you turn up then, It might help. Or perhaps you should stick to Javelin.

By the way everyone Kev newton has "Finally" got his pictures online so feel free to have a look. That is unless you have lost the card I gave out at the last event.

And this too, a dig at me again...

Regs and entry forms sent out this evening, not really my job, like track day reports but hey ho that's the kind of guy I am.
Anyway if anyone does not get said regs etc. you cannot be on my list so please pm me with your email addy and I will forward it on (even though its not my job) mind you certain people might get missed out, depends what sort of mood I'm in.
Please note the regs do not allow highly flammable fleece jackets as a fire retardant clothing, just thought I might mention that in case somebody thinks otherwise, I know, I know nobody would be that stupid.
I would just like to say that all this is beyond banter now. I was on track every session on time and you had me wait whilst everyone else had gone out, up to 15 mins in one case. This happened on 5 out of the 10 times I went out. This is quite obviously a personal issue now so it has made my decision not to attend easier.

You keep quoting me about reading the regs. I hadn't seen a copy until I messaged you, after the June event. When I joined last year I thought it would of helped you with my email address on the form or sending them via a PM...

Oh well, I hope Javelin will have me...
If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.

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