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Seeing as Bill hasn't replied I'll give my view.

Arrived at 8.30 only to be told to sign on at 9.15. Drivers briefing was at 9.45 and first on track was 10am.

Did 3 practice runs and 2 timed runs before lunch. A couple of minor incidents including a silver BMW which exploded next to the main caravan.

After lunch another 3 practice runs and 2 timed sessions. A bike engined Mini broke the main drive chain on track causing Bill to announce this via megaphone. Finished at 3.30 and then had free play time until 4pm.

There was a Scooby there which was quickest on track. There was also a Rover 216 GTi which was 0.1 seconds behind it. He said it only had 120bhp but handling was amazing.

Still waiting for timing sheet...
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