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Originally Posted by MiniLandy View Post
Good to see you back at it!

What's the weight difference between the V6 vs standard lump? Would have thought a smaller, turbocharged engine would have made for a better swap.
Yeah the weight...itís bad like really bad

Your spot on though, this car needs an equivalent weight swap, the V6 alone is about 187kg, god knows what the box weighs as itís meant to be a beast, my Honda and box together is around 208kg, I would say this is about 220-230kg complete - then you got standard cast manifolds, alternator, battery in bay, yeah itís top heavy alright

From what I gather if you want this for a trackday then like my mini you canít take it serious as you will notice if you find the limit or near to it

But like mine if you want a road car and a mileage muncher for long trips then this is a hoot

Iím essentially wanting the same as what I got expect with a 205 now
My mini has got nothing to prove so nothing to lose
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