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Default Raspberry Pi Laptop

first off , if you dont know what a Raspberry Pi is , its a very very cheap computer, runs a version of linux/others ,sort of a playground for big kids like me

My daughter has just started a weekend Pi course at her local school (she is 14)

thought it would be good if we made a Pi Laptop together... not sure if it will work , only laptop we had was a small 10.1inch screen Netbook, Acer Aspire One.

First thing was to take it to bits ., not sure if it will be thick enough to hold a Pi ( its about 17mm thick ) but we can work around that later.

beers needed :

After taking it to bits i thought the best thing before spending money on a ebay display and driver was to get the keyboard to work first.

i have found a old USB keyboard, so i am just going to try and butcher that onto the 24pin connector of laptop keyboard first.

as for display , i am look at these :

but i notice that they are 12v ! , was hoping oneday to use the laptop battery , but thats only rated at 11.2v ..
advice on this ? 1) can you get lower power hdmi drivers ? 2) is it unrealistic of me running it on a laptop battery ?

hope to strip down main keyboard tonight , might end in failure ...
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