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Can i use the 1.8 flywheel and clutch with the r65u??
No you ideally want hte flywheel and clutch form a 1.6 k-series (bubble rover 416) known as the R65U setup. you will also need to make sure the new flywheel tooth pattern matches your 1.8. best info for 1.8's on R65 gearboxes is prob somewhere like metropower forums as they will have aFAQ or similar on this or jsut keep the PG1 and swap it later for a PG1 with an LSD from a rover coupe turbo

Also i have an mpi mini rad, has anyone used one in a standard roundnose conversion?
yes, a few people have a flick through the k-series galleries

Finally i have an mpi mini tank, can anyone tell me which tube is the outlet from the pump and which is the return?

theres either a pic showing the pipes in our gallery or over on turbominis shoudl come u pin a search
11.9@118 :)

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