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Unfortunately this had to take a sideline as Phoenix's engine developed problems which ended up with another engine.

So now I have a bit of time again it's back to it.

Been buying more bits but not really doing much to the car. So decided to fit the engine cam cover back on and see it it would run, which it did on first turn of the key! The engine is really good. Shame it's coming out. Tried the clutch and brakes which are getting rusty due to being stood, outside. Anyway, everything seems to work as it should.

I think I have most of the parts needed now for the conversion. I have done this video in order to advertise the engine. There will be other parts available from this as it's a MEMS 1.9 and am swapping the entire car wiring to MEMS 3.

If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.
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