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Originally Posted by B20C5 View Post
Hello gents! I just wanted to share this bit of information for those of you who are running Honda B-series VTEC engines...

If you have ever thought about converting to a COP system, or have already converted and are not happy with the fitment of the coils you have selected, this might be of interest to you.

I have recently discovered that it is possible to modify an Audi/VW coil to fit perfectly on a Honda B-Series VTEC head. Once the modification has been performed, the coils fit correctly on the plugs and seal completely in the valve cover. They are designed to hold onto the spark plug heads, so it is not necessary to bolt them down or use a cap to hold them in place, which is very convenient.

The coils I used were pulled from a 2002 Audi 3.0l V6.

1.) Using a razor blade, or similar cutting device, remove the lower seal from the coil assembly.

2.) Push the coil assembly onto spark plug.

3.) Wire the coil(s) to your engine management system accordingly.

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