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Long time ago since I posted in this topic, but a lot has happened. The first time out on the track I blew the headgasket and overheated the tuned engine seriously ( happens when you do not look at gauges in the car).

Took the engine out and replaced it for the one that came out, a standard one. Did some tracktime with that engine until the car started to develop a vibration under the bonnet.

Thought it was bodywork but after some highway "racing" suddenly the engine died on me, started again but had a serious knock now. About a km further it completely died on me. Luckily I was close to home and could push it back.

When trying to start again serious knocking sound. Took the sparkplugs out and the knocking disappeared. Think I totalled the main bearings or something like that.

Bought another engine from Sebastiaan over here and fitted it. Sounds ok, so will be ready for the summer track season. Hope this one stays together.

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