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Kam 17-11-2017 03:42 AM

205 GTi - 3.0 V6
Bear with me on this :lol: this will be a slow build

After all the issues with photobucket I've deleted my pics, I was having other issues with them prior to them selling themselves out but I had enough

Using a new hosting site but its all new to me so bear with me...

Still got the mini but in true 16v style I thought I would try another "big box in a little box" scenario - cramming a 3.0 V6 in a 205, lovely jubbly :cool:

I've had fun with the mini and its still about but its time to have fun with something else, my ideal two car (reality) garage is a mini and a 205. I had a 1.9 white GTi about 16 years ago, unfortunately I had no garage so after quite a few break in attempts it was time to let it go and get something that no one would be bothered about - so I got a corsa :lol:

Went to Courtenays to enquire about an XE swap but seemed cheaper to just buy a calibra to start with so I did but the amount of problems I had with it was putting me off, then my 1.4 corsa sri started playing up so my love with vauxhall would come to an end

Picked up a beemer but really I wanted a 205 again...

So last year (2016) I picked up a non runner, originally a 1.6 but with a 1.9 thrown in but the most important thing was there - it was Alpine white :cool:




Evidentially! :p


Got it trailered back, it was falling apart in places but I was buzzing :D

Plan was to get it MOT'd and enjoy it as I knew it, but with the mini sitting there I was wondering if I could put the B20 in? 205-tec-it :vtec:

Then decided mini has to stay as it is, too much blood sweat and proper tears have gone into it :( so with other things popping up (like a baby!) this 205 got left to gather more dust alongside its brother from another mother from a sister with a different mister, they are related :cool:


Few weeks later I decide to tackle getting this on the road, 1.9 with big valves, Mi16 final drive on I think a 1.6 box, all sounds good, found a camera mount on the front bumper and this picture on a random search on the net


The last owner told me he bought it from someone who was setting it up for hillclimb etc, its running bilstein shocks, lowered about 30mm, the bonnet filter holes were all patched up when he got it so they obviously changed there mind, last owner thought he would try and get it running but gave up, no gears could be selected, would cut out straight after firing up, battery not holding charge, was a few bits :p but I was confident

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not making out here I am some master mechanic, my knowledge is still limited but confidence is a bit on the high side still after the mini, its been to europe with me so I must've done something right :-D

First things first, it starts buts dies, whip off the air filter/AFM and soon find whats wrong



Now I'm no genius but I'm guessing there is hole here letting in more air? :p

Bit of duct tape and fires up, all good on temp side - relief


No gears, look in bay and main rod has popped off, ordered some new upgraded ones (with an internal clip)


All gears work :cool:

Take it for a little drive off road, ok yeah its quick but I think thats the short ratio box so definitely gotta be the 1.6 box

Time for a much needed clean












Park it up and...yeah...it just sat there...

Cue few months later and I get more time to have another looksie to try and get this ready to use for the summer - then it hits...the dreaded 16v illness

Now I'm looking at Mi16's GTI6's, here we go :rolleyes:

Either way I can see it happening so first up I grab some GTI6 calipers


Had to pick up some base hubs as my 1.6 ones with these would mean more positive camber I think, the base hubs have 10mm less offset I think but same driveshaft size as a 1.6. 1.9 are bigger shafts but correct offset with these

Got some custom Mi16/GTI6 front braided hoses at the correct size to stop rubbing


Interestingly I had NO brake fluid...very interesting test drive :rolleyes:


Hmmph call that a packed bay!!! I pity you small people with all that room in the bay!!!! :lol:


So I've decided on a GTI6 lump...then...


I like 16V but sometimes 24 are needed! :lol:

Ok, so we haven't actually got a V6 here or know how to shoehorn it in :lol: but c'mon whats the worst that can happen...

Either way this bad boy lump has to be gone

First up I get some lockable heavy duty castors and an old kitchen worktop


And start going to town on it


Oh did I mention I love electrics! more so when more bodies have been involved in it!


Exhaust manny off, find a little crack...



Bad boy zhorst off


WTF is this in the downpipe?


Top section seems clear but bottom gets blocked up???? :confused:

Come to pappa


Hmmm run out of headroom here...load leveller might have come in handy :lol:


Bit of jiggery pokery and gearbox clears front bumper :D

Jiggery pokery later


Gloves on bumper is a sign all is good, give a pat on the back :cool:


So this where I am at the moment, looking at a V6 at the weekend, its from a 406 coupe, standard 194hp and around 196tq, my mini is currently untuned at 200hp 150tq so I'm guessing the same jekyll and hyde pleasure you but pain you drive :lol:

Before anyone asks, no I'm not entirely sure how it all goes in, no I don't know what management to use but I'm guessing factory and yes I want a fully packed bay :lol:

No rush on this one, I've got plenty here to keep me busy. Lets face it the 205 could not sit in the garage alongside a mini knowing it has bigger and better! :lol:

MattG 17-11-2017 07:41 AM

lol , nice one Kam , cant wait .. assume been done before ?

gadget555 17-11-2017 08:42 AM

Nice progress :-)

geachy87 17-11-2017 09:15 AM

Looking good, I've always wanted to do this but with the 2L turbo out of a 406:D

Chris16v 17-11-2017 10:30 AM

Nice project, really into my french hatches hand many 106's and 205's over the years and just bought a Clio 197

Kam 17-11-2017 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by MattG (Post 375396)
lol , nice one Kam , cant wait .. assume been done before ?

Hey Matt, yeah itís been done before but not as much as I first thought


Originally Posted by geachy87 (Post 375401)
Looking good, I've always wanted to do this but with the 2L turbo out of a 406:D

I was contemplating putting a turbo on the 8v but Iím just gonna clean up the 1.9 lump and wrap it in cotton wool and store it as Iím guessing after all the fun is over Iíll put it back in. 1.9 stuff is getting pretty thin on the ground now so prices will rise silly

Kam 17-11-2017 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by Chris16v (Post 375403)
Nice project, really into my french hatches hand many 106's and 205's over the years and just bought a Clio 197

For all there woeful electrical problems with pretty much every car they have produced :lol: I have to admit the frenchies sure know how to make a hot hatch :cool:

MiniLandy 17-11-2017 03:29 PM

Good to see you back at it!

What's the weight difference between the V6 vs standard lump? Would have thought a smaller, turbocharged engine would have made for a better swap.

Kam 17-11-2017 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by MiniLandy (Post 375436)
Good to see you back at it!

What's the weight difference between the V6 vs standard lump? Would have thought a smaller, turbocharged engine would have made for a better swap.

Yeah the weight...itís bad like really bad :lol:

Your spot on though, this car needs an equivalent weight swap, the V6 alone is about 187kg, god knows what the box weighs as itís meant to be a beast, my Honda and box together is around 208kg, I would say this is about 220-230kg complete - then you got standard cast manifolds, alternator, battery in bay, yeah itís top heavy alright :-D

From what I gather if you want this for a trackday then like my mini you canít take it serious as you will notice if you find the limit or near to it

But like mine if you want a road car and a mileage muncher for long trips then this is a hoot

Iím essentially wanting the same as what I got expect with a 205 now :cool:

Kam 19-11-2017 02:50 AM

This is meant to be a slow build honest but I've already got 95% of the bits needed already :lol:

Found someone who was looking to get rid of there conversion, he hadn't had a chance to install it himself but had heard the engine running from the guy he bought it from who was also another forum member

So I got

ML5T gearbox, cable linkage shifter which can go in place of mine and custom driveshafts





Modified standard front subframe


I might keep this one as a template and cut mine

It has the correct 406 mount holder on there to make things easier


Inlet with new gasket ready, I will clean the inlet and go all spicky and spammy


One is a VR6 rad the other is just a standard vee dub one


Unlocked ECU


Random goody bits


Custom slave clutch setup


And 'El Beasto



Custom top mount which allows standard one to fit



Started having a look around the exhaust manifolds



Its got a loom but I will get another made up


I reckon I can have this turn key within 2 weeks and first drive within 4, but I'm not gonna rush it. Lots of bodywork bits to tackle first!

All fun :D

fynnbar 19-11-2017 11:24 AM

So jammy ...

ardonfast 19-11-2017 01:18 PM

hot hot , same a mini just better lol

Kam 20-11-2017 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by fynnbar (Post 375464)
So jammy ...

Jammy Kammy :p


Originally Posted by ardonfast (Post 375467)
hot hot , same a mini just better lol

To be fair its just a like mini, has handling that is still talked about today

Obviously once this bulk goes in yeah that will probably stop there :lol:

monkey 20-11-2017 08:25 AM

Poor mini all dusty in the corner! Jeez Kam....

Kam 20-11-2017 10:01 AM

Its ok its protecting the paint :p

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