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gazwad 10-10-2017 10:21 AM

Very exciting event for 2018! private track! 23rd - 24th June
I've been trying to get something organised for next year after a lot couldn't make it to the Shakespeare meet this year. If Shakespeare is open next year we will have another little meet but I have something more interesting in mind for the main event.
I have managed to find a tarmac rally stage/track (not rough - suitable for road cars etc) we can hire out for a weekend, it's a 2.2 mile long track that can be looped into a 4.4 mile track! It will be one car running at a time so no chance of someone else damaging your pride and joy. The track is in mid wales at the appropriately named Mid Wales Activity Centre (http://www.midwalesactivity.co.uk/). There is camping available on site from friday until sunday with the track open EXCLUSIVELY to us on saturday and sunday. We need to get 20 cars booked in to get the track to ourselves and if we get 20 cars the cost will be £50 per car! yes £50 for the whole weekend! This is for mini's only (preferably 16v but will open up to normal minis if we need the numbers).

Retro show is on the 17th June, so I have chosen our event to be on 23rd - 24th June so it doesn't clash and as far as i'm aware this doesn't clash with any other shows. I will be putting a deposit down for the track soon then I will give instructions on how to pay.
the list of attendees so far:
Garry (gazwad) (k series mini)
Shaun (d361 0vr) (k series mini)
Dave Smith (k series clubman estate)
Chris white (a series supercharged van)
Agoaty (k series mini)
Readie (k turbo mini)
MattG (mini?)
Edk83 (k series allegro)
instantcustard (k series mini)
Hayling mini (suzuki mini)
James (suzuki mini)
Geoff (Helen)
Dan (Helen or polished appleC)
XEValver (XE)
Vfast (honda)
Phaeton (k series Freestyle buggy Mr Bumble)
Bigredmini94 (k series turbo)
Chris16v ( mini TBC?)
Jimbob34. Honda mini
James (Yellow). Clubman VVC
Mike (picKup) - k series pickup - June dates only.

gazwad 10-10-2017 10:23 AM

a video of the track:

Artstu 10-10-2017 11:00 AM

What a great venue, it looks to be same place Guy Martin has used in his Speed series https://youtu.be/iF-WXGCxvYI?t=7m18s

AGoaty 10-10-2017 11:05 AM

That looks great Gaz. Good find. Put me down for a place. Not fussed which weekend. :)

Readie 10-10-2017 11:21 AM

This should be a great event, put me down for a place aswell.

Yellow 10-10-2017 12:43 PM

Exciting. Zero run off ☠️

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MattG 10-10-2017 01:51 PM

yep put me down , not sure what car i would have but would be interested

Chris16v 10-10-2017 02:08 PM

Great idea Garry!.. not suitable for the big power cars but will be fun trying!

edk83 10-10-2017 03:42 PM

sounds like fun, if you are short of cars I could always put a Mini badge on the Allegro?

gazwad 10-10-2017 04:40 PM

i'm sure we could allow the allegro, just don't want any modern stuff really.

ardonfast 10-10-2017 06:00 PM

brilliant stuff garry, is there a limet of 20?

InstantCustard 10-10-2017 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by ardonfast (Post 374387)
brilliant stuff garry, is there a limet of 20?

I believe it’s a minimum of 20 to “privatise” the track.
Interested in this too, the lack of run off concerns me as I’d be gutted if I did get over competitive (I know there’s no one else on the track but I’m that kind of idiot).
You can put me down anyway.

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fynnbar 10-10-2017 07:15 PM

Just WOW !!

ardonfast 10-10-2017 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by InstantCustard (Post 374389)
I believe it’s a minimum of 20 to “privatise” the track.
Interested in this too, the lack of run off concerns me ,

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makes sence danno, was kind of in a way that i dont have a mini on road yet
and wouldent stand in way of others if was a cap on 20,
i will be there coz much to good weekend to be missed ect
so im better off watching to see how this rolles,
also a few ground rules ect for track use would be helpfull? they may have a veuable sheet, things like dose mini have to be a road lagle car, insurance status? ect ect realy, if drop out can you give ticket to another? is it timed in on the deal,
"lack of offrun" i didnt see any big trees near the track :p

gazwad 11-10-2017 06:27 AM

I will let you know more details as I know them, as it's private land I don't believe mot etc is necessary but the car must be safe. Insurance will be down to your insurer but I think most would not cover it as it is on private land and a track? If you drop out I can't see a problem with giving you place to someone else.
There isn't a cap on the 20 places as such but we would want to keep it fairly limited otherwise it would significantly reduce track time.

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