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AGoaty 15-05-2017 10:24 AM

Project Scorpion, RWD, mid engined, K turbo.
I watched this car being built and liked it. When I saw it in the flesh, I liked it even more. So I have waited until it came up for sale and bought it. :)

As many people will know it was built by TerryG. Here's the link to the original build.


Terry sold the car around 2 years ago to Callum who claims to have driven around 15,000 miles in it. He used it as a daily 95 mile commute!

I won the car via eBay and flew all the way to Lands End to collect it. It was a 400 mile drive home. :(

The advert read like this...

Rwd, mid engined, 1.8 16v k-series 135bhp, Mot 25th september 2017, drive away

1993 spi cooper shell.
Mgf modified subframes front n back.
Grooved n drilled disc brakes all round (fronts are vented).
Every bush on the rear ive changed to powerflex polyurethane.
Safety devices 6 piont roll cage modified to join in with the rear subframe mount.
Alarm/immobilizer/central locking + spare key and fob.
Beautiful stainless exhaust(raspy).
Cold air feed.
Momo leather seats.
Carbon fibre door cards.
Omp suede swheel.
New windscreen.
New valeo alternator.

Bad pionts.
Needs new boot lid due to rust.
Rusty rear bumper and front one needs the brackets looking at.
Rear arches are stone chipped and one has minor split.
Body is rough in places, still presentable but certainly no show pony.
The car doesn't feel quite as tight as it should, i think it needs new TCAs.
Passenger wiper not working.
Drivers door doesn't unlock off the fob.
Aux belt is abit noisy at times.

Drives very nicely. Cruises at 70mph. Its been my daily driver for the past 2 n a half years and has been a pleasure to own. She will be greatly missed but its time for me to move on. I may px/swap under ebay rules of course for a drift car or sumthing fun and Rwd.

Still on log book as 1275cc upto new owner to change.

Car is located in st just, cornwall. NOT LISKEARD ebay wont let me change it. Winning bidder must contact me when the auction ends immediately. Car must be collected within 7 days of auction ending. Car is advertised elsewhere therefore i reserve the right to remove from the auction at anytime.

Ive been honest in my description of the car so's not to waste anyones time so please do not waste mine. Only bid if you've read the full description and intend on paying the full amount.

Feel free to message me. Best of luck Callum
On 24-Mar-17 at 10:16:30 GMT, seller added the following information:
Forgot a few things. Apologies.

Wipers are on a switch on the dash, not the stalk.
Temp guage itself is actually an oil temp guage.
Speaker for the radio stopped working a few days ago.
Fuel guage reads incorrectly, 1/4 tank=empty





When I arrived and saw the car in the flesh, I was a bit disappointed. It's quite obvious the pics were taken a long time ago and as it had done the long commute over Winter lots of areas need attention. Callum drove the car to his home and we swapped paperwork. Once I set off home I soon realised there were loads of faults. The brakes were terrible. Pedal travelled almost to the floor before they worked. The left wiper was wobbling when driving so stopped to check it and it wasn't connected to the gear. When it got dark, I put the lights on. The left one worked but shone in approaching drivers eyes so I got flashed about 100 times on route back. The right light only lit very dimly.

On route back I decided to meet Shaun (ardonfast). He was working in a pub so called in. When we were driving back to his, at around 70mph the bonnet flew open as the hinge snapped. We had nothing to secure it so Shaun held it down by hanging out of the window!


After a night at Shaun's, I drove home the next morning. The car drives really well. Straight and true. Cruises at 3500rpm at 70 and having 15" wheels means you don't feel every bump like in a normal Mini. It drove the 500 miles home and never missed a beat. The 1.8 engine is the early distributor type and is claimed by Callum to be 135bhp. I don't think it can be. It's just not that quick! There is no way you can even spin the wheels. It pulls from low down in the rev range but looses oomph at around 5000. Not like my VVC!

The brakes were bad when I picked it up. The pedal reached the floor and would slow the car but nothing like normal. Living in the Pennines means loads of hills. Scary stuff.

When I got home, I was tired and disappointed so have left it over a month without touching anything.

So now lets start putting some faults right. The brakes were still full of fluid and bleeding the rears seems to have sorted them out. The car has the MG F rear disc setup with grooved discs. Fronts are the 240mm vented discs also grooved but drilled as well.

Removed the bonnet and hinges. Those stupid bolts under the scuttle. :-x I have a spare hinge so have taken them both off and painted them ready to refit.

The ad said the wipers were on a switch on the dash. This is a bodged up idea. Basically he's wired a power supply to the slow speed on the motor. No fast speed and doesn't park. So I removed the motor and found this. No wonder it didn't work...


Only one washer jet worked so checked this out too...


Checked the headlights. Right side was dim so checked the earth. It was fine so removed the lamp and found this. It has been on fire.


Replaced the connector for one I had as spare and now works fine. Set the lamp up correctly in it's bowl and checked it's level now. :)

Left side I thought would of been easier but wasn't. Removed the lamp and found this. Also been on fire.


So swapped another connector but this one didn't have a thick earth wire. Ended up changing this as it cannot be right running through a thin one. The spring retainer was on the dash :confused: hence someone had screwed both the adjusters fully in making the light shine up to the sky. Fitted the spring correctly and set the adjusters and now works as it should. :)

Some photo's of the "to do" list.

Boot falls off when open due to rust.


God knows what this is all about but I don't like it at all. All green or red wires...


Cardboard dash.


Both bumpers need replacing. Front was held on with a cable tie and rattled all the way home.


So what's the plan?

Plan is remove the 1.8 engine and C4 gearbox and fit a 1.8 K turbo with C6 gearbox. This needs the MEMS 3 ECU and the turbo remap. So I have decided the entire wiring loom is terrible so have bought a full car loom from a TF inc the ECU set and fuse boxes. A bargain at 58 the lot... :)

I did originally want to swap the wheels to 13" ones but have changed my mind and gone the opposite. I have bought the AP 4 pots from a TF 160 with 304mm discs, 99. These might be a bit keen with the servo so might swap back to the yellow tag master. I have bought the Trophy 11 spoke wheels too, 75 a set of 4. :rolleyes:

Both Steve and Dan have offered me boot lid. :)

Need a pair of bumpers.

Feeling a bit happier about things moving along now. I did arrange to buy a turbo engine but the seller never contacted me after I had arranged a price so dunno about that yet. :kseries:

ardonfast 15-05-2017 12:38 PM

exsighting,, new build/improvement thred,
as you probably know i have issues with rear engine minis,
it was good you came to gig and stayed over at my bunker!! i hope it wasent too ruff for you,lol,
dont call again coz you snoor and wake up to early lol,
now back to front V rear> i was plesantly suprised to be fair,
it drove in a streght line and seemed to be driven rather than it driveing you,
we will see what 200+ in the back brings,
as you pionted out the front is a bit bouncey for obviouce reasons and not shure what you can do about that but im shure we will see on this thred, thats if it matters,
the other problem that was obviouce is lack of acsess to the lump,
i had hoped it was better than the front but if anything it was worse,
maybe the cover and acsess needs work? or maybe not? leave it in your capeeible hands
will look forward to this,

Oz 15-05-2017 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by ardonfast (Post 370208)
the other problem that was obviouce is lack of acsess to the lump,
i had hoped it was better than the front but if anything it was worse,
maybe the cover and acsess needs work? or maybe not? leave it in your capeeible hands

Its always an issue with mid engine layouts, especially in small cars unless you go full Group B


Oz 15-05-2017 01:27 PM

TBH I'd expect a lot of brake pedal travel as the front and rear calipers have much larger fluid capacity than a Mini caliper and rear cylinder arrangement - the Trophy 6 pots might be even more. Could an MGF master cylinder be made to fit ?

Cliff Pountney 15-05-2017 02:35 PM

Glad to see you now have a car with the engine in the proper place. I.E. in front of the rear axle but behind the driver, like my K series Imp. Now you just need to change it for one with a better shape (like the Imp... :D)
Check 13" wheels for fit before buying them.
I found that a 13" wheel fouled the MGF rear uprights.

AGoaty 15-05-2017 03:57 PM

I have bought the TF 160 4 pots. They need a 16" Trophy wheel to clear them. So bought these too. I found this out when I did the same to my TF. The 16" Abingdon style wheels needed a 5mm spacer or just clamped onto the caliper. The wheels and tyres fitted at the moment are 195/45/15. The 16" wheels can be fitted with 195/40/16 and is under 1% bigger in circumference! :)

I need to see if I can lower the suspension. It sits about 30mm higher than Phoenix when measured at the sill. This is probably going to mean cutting more from the arches but needs must. ;)

"dont call again coz you snoor and wake up to early lol," coming from you Shaun you gotta be joking. You were the one snoring away (after a skin full of cider) which is why I was awake! Sounded like a steam train... :D

CooperWorks 15-05-2017 05:17 PM

Crack on Andy!
If any time you need an extra pair of hands you know where I am.

AGoaty 16-05-2017 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by CooperWorks (Post 370224)
Crack on Andy!
If any time you need an extra pair of hands you know where I am.

Very kind of you Garv but I know you need to get your own Mini sorted ASAP! ;)

Big brake setup arrived... :D


CooperWorks 16-05-2017 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by AGoaty (Post 370254)
Very kind of you Garv but I know you need to get your own Mini sorted ASAP! ;)

Big brake setup arrived... :D


I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying getting things done. Fingers crossed it doesn't end in :blowup:

MiniLandy 16-05-2017 02:02 PM

That's the wrong inlet manifold for a 135, and the 135 came with the bigger brakes I'm fairly sure. Assuming everything came from the one donor car.

Looking forward to see what you come up with for this one!

Oz 16-05-2017 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by MiniLandy (Post 370257)
That's the wrong inlet manifold for a 135, and the 135 came with the bigger brakes I'm fairly sure. Assuming everything came from the one donor car.

Looking forward to see what you come up with for this one!

I think there was some talk at some point about the engine being a lower power one but the 135 cams swapped in to it - I think this was one of the points that causes some friction between the seller and Andrew when he advertised it as a 135.

Oz 16-05-2017 03:00 PM

You may struggle to meaningfully lower it as it will stand taller on the larger wheel/tyre combo. It also depends exactly how the frames were mounted in the car. easiest way to see is if the bottom part of the frames are level with the floor pan (as the Watsons frame sits) or if they sit lower (ie causing the car to sit higher). Didn't TerryG convert it to run on hilos and Mini rubber cones ? If there is some adjustment here then you will probably have to cut the front wings and side panels more and raise the wheel arch extensions up to try and get it lower.

AGoaty 16-05-2017 03:34 PM

I am not convinced this is 135bhp. It just isn't quick enough. It has the distributor type head so don't think the 135 cams would even fit into it. Hence why I questioned the seller with the outcome those on Facebook saw.

The MG TF 135's had optional big brakes. Not all have them. This Mini was built from an early MG F and uses the MEMS 1.9 ECU. It will all be getting removed and replaced with the entire MG TF 135 loom and ECU with turbo remap. :)

The suspension isn't adjustable but do intend to make it that way. Then the only issue seems to be the bump stop. Pretty sure I can remove this and mount it higher, then lower the car. I know it means a fair amount of work but it's a project... :)

The current engine, gearbox, ECU set and engine loom will be going up for sale. It's actually really good. Nice and quiet etc. I will advertise it as a 120 though as don't bull up my adverts.

AGoaty 17-05-2017 01:23 PM

Been doing some research and found that the 135 cams can be fitted to this type of engine, so need to check this before putting up it for sale. ;)

MG TF wiring loom and ECU set has arrived today. :)


Looking like hours of fun... :(

edk83 17-05-2017 01:44 PM

Just read this beginnings of thread and the car seems to have a lot of potential, hats off to you sir.

Looking forward to your turbo build, hows about a supercharger as well ? :)

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