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BassAddict 14-02-2007 11:07 PM

FAQ - Electric Power Steering
If anyone has any corrections / addtions to this, please feel free to PM me and I'll update it - this is compiled from various thread on this site, and other sites I've found with a bit of googling.

This information can be used, in theory, to add EPS (Electronic Power Steering) / EPAS (Electrically Assisted Power Steering) to any vehicle, however, this is, obviously, aimed predominantly at mini owners !

The Corsa EPS Column has been used by people using most common subframes, be they mini (a-series) or rover metro (k-series - a-la Watsons) based, including AllSpeed, AMT, Watsons, MiniTec and probably more
There are other cars with similar systems - see later in this post - but all currently working ones that I'm aware of are Corsa based, although I've heard a rumour of someone using a Toyota Yaris EPS solution.

General Info:
The Corsa system, like most other EPS / EPAS systems, consists of an electric motor connected to the steering column which is controlled by its own dedicated ECU. Most systems have a torque sensor and a vehicle speed sensor to determine the amount of "assistance" required - most assitance is given at low speed, and litte or no assistance at high speed. Some systems (ie, MGF/MGTF) also use a tacho signal as part of a fail safe system.

Both the Corsa "B" and "C" columns have been used, the Corsa B eps motor (from 1998 to 2000 I think) was replaced with a different sort of motor in the corsa C due to problems with the motor, but a good working one is still a very good solution.
Corsa C is from Aug 2000 onwards

I remember someone saying that using all the corsa column stalks / wiring can be tricky due to the wiring used - as modern cars use relays for just about everything, the wiring doesn't have the same curreny carrying capacity that a mini does - could probably get around this by adopting some more modern style elctrics though and using a lot more relays !
The mini stalks can be used on the corsa column - although I'm not sure how difficult this is - if anyone wants to PM me some more info I'll gladly update this thread !

The ECU expects, aswell as the torque sensor signal (the sensor is mounted to the column), a vehicle speed signal. Obviously, this isn't present in a mini - although I have a possibile theory on this (more about this in a mo!)

To get around this, several places make a plug and play Assistance module. Costs depend on who you goto and which column used:

176.25 from http://www.waldenengineering.co.uk for corsa C

100 from AMT, Chesterfield - Now re-designed ! Unit plugs straight in with no modifications required to the EPS ECU. Either contact AMT direct on 01246 273929, or keep an eye on their eBay site:

235 from http://www.hh-ms.com

135 from http://www.hylandmotorsport.co.uk/in...es/Page466.htm

The walden one is very easy...3 connections, live (VERY high current), Switched live, and earth.

There seems to be a few different theories about using a speed signal from the Corsa - most people seem to think the signal comes from the ABS sensor, however, I have a diffferent theory after recently fitting some Corsa clocks to the mrs C16se mini. These particular clocks have a small PCB mounted inside the mechanical speedo, which it would seem give a signal out - this model didn't have ABS, but did have EPAS - so it might be that a suitable signal could be found from a set of corsa clocks :) If anyone's interested, I might look into this further.

Joining the Corsa Column to your rack
A few different ways have been done - some people have welded the mini UJ to the Corsa column, and other's have made their own new UJ, either by modifying the Corsa one, or separating a corsa and a metro (or mini one) and making a new one using half of each.

Steering wheel boss:
Momo do suitable bosses for the columns to fit their 6 bolt pattern wheels (cant remeber the PCD at the mo). For Corsa C columns the part number is 6610 (sometimes this is quoted 1211111.6610). On some websites the corsa C part number is given as 6605 or 6611....wrongly(these are for corsa B/very late columns after 2001). Prices are about 30 usually.

Corsa Column Measurements:
Corsa B:
Max Overall Length 405mm
Max Width fronm Centre 230mm
Weight 7.4Kg
Height Adjustable No
Position of ECU Mounted on chassis

Corsa C:
Max Overall Length 580mm (or 300mm with input shaft removed)
Max Width fronm Centre 220mm
Weight 8.4Kg
Height Adjustable Yes
Position of ECU Mounted on column

How much does it cost ?
Depends where you get the parts from - ask your local scrap yard / look on ebay ! As a rough guide though, people have paid:
Column and ECU - anywhere from 40 to 160
Adapting ECU to work - Anything upto 235, but possibly free if you're clever !
Might need a new steering wheel boss - 30
Some new UJ's if need be

How hard is it ?
Depends how good you are with a few tools and some basic wiring!

Links / Contacts
Companies that modify the Corsa ECU, or sell systems to to generate a "manual" speed sensor signal:

AMT, Chesterfield - 01246 273929




Thread on here with a few bits of info about it !

Thread on migweb about the Corsa EPS Columns

Fitting the corsa column to a Ford Anglia !

Pics of Remspoors's build using Corsa C Column

This thread on Migweb discusses how to adjust and repair the Corsa EPS:

The Corsa isn't the only car that uses this type of system - the MGF / MGTF have an EPAS system too which is similar, but at the time of writing this, no ones has finished adapting it. I'm hoping to use it, and have the column and ECU.
The mgfcar.de site has a lot of info on the MGF column:

Tehc info on repairing common MGF/TF EPAS fault (pulls to the left)

Guide to a neat "cutoff" switch people did for the MGF columns:

Custom made UJ - the lad who made this bought a new rover metro UJ (to match the watsons frame) and a Corsa UJ, separated them and reassembled them using the metro rack half and corsa columm half:

Alternate modified UJ:

Corsa C Column:

Remspoors Corsa C Column:

Corsa C ECU

Hyland Motorsport Speed Signal Module

My MGF EPAS Column

Thanks to DarrenW, Jobu, Maz, Remspoor and probably many others for all the info

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